Pulse Frames

The first AI-powered intelligent hearing glasses that give you
crystal-clear speech perception in noisy environments.

Pulse Frames

Do you want to be first in line for better hearing?

Stylish frames,
clear voices,
any lenses.

Pulse Frames, Style frames, clear voices, audio glasses
In a busy restaurant,
at an important meeting,
sharing precious time with family...

With the Pulse Frames,
where you look is
who you hear.

Key Benefits

Better Speech Intelligibility

The Pulse Frames’ embedded AI uses your head movements and selective filtering methods to target and enhance only the voice you’re listening to.

Open-Ear Sound

The sound flows into your ears while you stay in touch with your surroundings.No bone conduction, no wires, no hassle

Integrate any Lenses

The Pulse Frames are sold just as any pair of spectacle frames - your optician can help you place any prescription, neutral, or tinted lenses.

Confidential by Design

Our algorithms are designed to run only on the Pulse Frames. Your conversations are never recorded - they’re yours alone.

Designed for people,
not patients.

We collaborate with the historic French eyewear brand Morel Lunettes to bring you sleek hearing glasses for discreet, everyday wear.

Unisex design

For many face shapes

Fit to your listening needs,
whatever you’re doing.

Use the Pulse Audition app to adjust your listening experience to your own hearing preferences.

Create your hearing profile

Switch listening modes

Adjust audio parameters


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AI Engineer
Embedded AI Engineer
Product Owner
Hardware Engineer
AI Engineer intern
AI Engineer intern

Our Partners and Advisors

Enhance the speech,
not the noise.
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