Enhance the voice
not the noise

AI-based speech enhancement tech that allows you to choose what to listen to in noisy environments

Pulse Frames are audio glasses designed and manufactured by Pulse Audition
They are easy to use and comfortable to wear, with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the volume and select the optimal listening mode for your surroundings. Whether you're at a busy restaurant, in a crowded workplace, or enjoying a social event, Pulse Frames will help you stay connected and confident in any situation.

Pulse Frames


360° Antenna
Embedded AI
Open ear transmission
<45 g
audio settings / call / music
corrective / neutral / solar

Pulse Frames

Embedded TECH

Pulse Frames incorporate invisible microphones and a cutting edge audio processor allowing low latency and low energy calculation of AI speech enhancement and signal processing algorithms. The frames are also equipped with discreet speakers for audio playback.

Our hearing glasses feature the latest processor, which enables AI for speech enhancementand advanced signal processing, allowing you to hear only what matter the most.

Our audio setup features tiny speakers that allow you to hear the voices of the persons you are listening to with open ears. This enhances your auditory sense and enables you to fully engage in conversations without distractions. In addition, you can take calls and listen to music without disturbing others, thanks to the discreet design of our speakers.

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