What are Pulse Frames?

Introducing our cutting-edge hearing glasses designed to enhance speech intelligibility in noisy environments. Our intelligent technology empowers users to selectively focus on what they want to hear, eliminating social exclusion caused by hearing loss. Experience a new level of clarity and stay included with our innovative solution.

How do Pulse Frames work?

Our frame integrates a microphone array that scans the audio environment and detects who you are listening to, ensuring an accurate, personalized hearing experience. Based on your head’s movements, gyroscope technology allows the glasses to detect where you are looking, effectively targeting the voice you want to hear.
Our cutting-edge hearing glasses harness the power of AI for speech enhancement and advanced signal processing. Immerse yourself in speech, not the noise - with Pulse Frames, you’ll be able to focus on the person you want to listen to, while effortlessly ignoring background noise and distractions. Experience unparalleled clarity and focus with our revolutionary technology.

Our audio setup leaves your ears open. Tiny speakers integrated in the branches of the glasses precisely amplify the voice you want to hear. Your auditory sense is effortlessly enhanced, and you can engage in conversations without distractions by noise. You can also take calls and listen to music without disturbing others, thanks to the speakers’ fine-tuned, discreet sound levels.

Mobile application

Pulse Frames are provided with a mobile application where you can personalize your settings according to your sensory profile, personal preferences and the environments where you interact.
*Featured in this image is our demonstrator design. We are working on product research to make a design that you will love!